Reunify your debts with mortgage loans

If you need a loan and own some type of property, be it a house (house, floor, floor) or a place, you can ask for up to 600,000 Euros quickly and easily, with very few paperwork and paperwork.

Good Loan offers home equity loans, that is, guarantees with your property, with avant-garde financial advice in solving mortgage financing needs through which to get money in all kinds of situations.

It is possible to ask for money even if you are in ASNEF or RAI and without payroll through home equity loans, where it is possible to get up to 600,000 euros in a few days, with a repayment term ranging from 1 to 15 years and interest from the 8 percent APR.

How to request a loan with a Good Lender?

How to request a loan with Good Lender?

To request a mortgage guarantee loan you only have to access its online petitions web platform and enter your information – name, surname, and address of the property -, this will be used as collateral, in addition to this you will have to indicate your phone number and address email, with those who will contact you for any clarification. You will have to indicate in turn the amount to request and the repayment term you want to have.

In about 24 hours they will contact you to tell you if your request is viable.
If so, you will have to proceed to send the precise documentation that states that:

  • The property is your property.
  • It is not mortgaged or failing that the mortgage does not exceed a stipulated amount.
  • You will also have to attach a copy of the Identity Document (DNI).

If your request is viable and once the documentation is received, they will get down to work to investigate your case and in about 48 hours they will contact you again to confirm the outcome of the request (this is totally free). From there, there is only the appraisal of the property, signatures before a notary, … If everything goes well, in about five days the case is solved.

Requirements and conditions to obtain a Credit with Good Loan

With Good Lender it is not necessary to justify income, have payroll or pension. You also don’t have to worry if you’re on lists like RAI or ASNEF. None of the data mentioned above are a necessary requirement. The only a priori requirement that you need to get Good Lender secured loans is to have a property such as a house, a flat or a place that is not mortgaged or that your mortgage does not exceed a certain amount of money.

Regarding the conditions, as we have mentioned above, it can be ordered from 5000 and up to 600000 euros, taking into account that the maximum that can be requested will be 40% of the appraised value of the property. The repayment term will vary from one year to 15 years, with an interest rate from 8% APR.

As for the documentation to provide you will need the following:

  • National Identity Document (DNI)
  • Property deed.
  • Last receipt of the IBI.
  • Purchase Contract Sale of the property.

Advantages of loans with Good Lender guarantee

Advantages of loans with Good Lender guarantee

One of the main advantages of these loans is the money that can be requested since it can reach 600,000 euros, although it is necessary to take into account the 40% appraisal of the property. To this, we have to add the 15 years we have to return the loan. It is ideal to reunify debts since you can group several loans that you have with other entities and pay up to 70% less installment.

Another advantage is the grace period of up to 48 months, where only the interest generated will be paid. So you have more comfort to pay the loan and that this adapts to your financial needs, being the first years when you can have more economic setbacks.

For the loans with mortgage guarantee of Good Loan, you do not need to have a payroll, pension or proof of income, as if it were not enough to be able to get the money being on the list of debtors such as ASNEF or RAI. They will not ask for this information and will not check these lists when you ask for the loan.

We strongly recommend that before applying for one of these loans, you should consider that they have a greater danger to loans without collateral since the property that you have can fall into a situation of seizure in the event of default because it is as a guarantee of the loan. You have to be very careful with this and be sure that you will be able to repay the loan month by month.

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