Loans for foreigners: here’s how to get them

Are you a citizen of the European Union or a non-EU citizen and do you need a fast loan for foreigners to deal with something unexpected?

Loans for foreigners can be found in the bank, the Italian Post Office and in the social lending circuits: there are so many opportunities for you!

Are you a foreigner and do you need a loan? here’s how to find it!

The best easy loans for foreigners

The best easy loans for foreigners

To whom do you go for a loan without bad surprises? In Italy, banks, financial companies and Italian Post offer you loans reserved for foreigners that you can repay in monthly installments. Any examples?

Loans for foreigners. The finance company provides you with up to 30000 euros in 48 hours . To obtain the loan, all you need is an income , even for a fixed term, and a residence permit for non-EU citizens (= if you are an EU citizen, just the passport). Among the most interesting personal loans for domestic workers and caregivers, Agos’s allows you to skip an installment, you do not need a current account and you can reduce the amount of an installment if you have difficulty.

Loans for foreigners Italian Post. You can have between 3000 and 30000 Euro by opening a Bancoposta account and paying fixed rate installments with debit to the current account . If you do not have a property or a fixed income, you can apply for Italian Post loans with the help of a guarantor.

Uni Bank loan for foreigners. At Uni Bank you can find CreditExpress Dynamic . It is a flexible personal loan: you get up to 30000 Euros and, after 9 paid installments, you choose whether to change the amount of the installment, skip one, or if you request more money from Uni Bank. Here too, you must open an account in the branch and pay the installments by debiting your current account.

Loans for foreigners. You can get up to 30000 Euros and choose if you want the fixed or variable rate. In addition, you can pay with: bank transfer, postal payment slip, or directly in the tobacconist’s belonging to the Sisal circuit. Talk to a consultant immediately and schedule an appointment in the branch that is most convenient to you:

If you have a paycheck, you can also ask to pay with a fifth of salary assignment . The bank will ask you to credit the salary to the current account, to withdraw the installment immediately. If you already have an assignment in progress, you can ask for a loan with delegation.

Loans for foreigners without payroll: where can I find them?

Loans for foreigners without payroll: where can I find them?

If you need financing, but don’t have a paycheck, don’t worry: there are reliable solutions. If you have a fixed-term job, the bank will accept the loan, but you must finish paying it before the end of the employment contract.

Otherwise, you can ask for the help of a guarantor , or put a pledged item or a house owned as a guarantee . If you can’t do it, ask for a revolving card to international circuits such as VISA, Mastercard or American Express.

The request is made on the official websites of these circuits and you get a card at home with the amount recharged on loan, to be paid in installments. Thus, they can apply for foreign loans not resident in Italy. Finally, there are loans for unemployed foreigners: on the Internet, you can find social lending sites. Here, you can ask individuals to borrow you without intermediaries.

Loans for Romanian foreigners: what guarantees?


Romanian citizens are EU citizens. If you want a loan, you just need a passport and an income . The bank can ask you for other guarantees if the salary is not enough, as is the case for Italian citizens.

Non-EU citizens , on the other hand, must have a residence permit for at least one year, have a job in Italy and have residence in our country.

Foreign loan documents: here’s what you need to bring to the bank!


What are the documents you need to bring to get the loan?


Residence permit of at least one year (for non-EU citizens).

Passport (for EU citizens).

Certificate of residence (at least one year).

Identity document and health card.

Pay slip, or documents on the home or guarantor.

Bring copies of these documents with you, in addition to the originals. Thus, the bank will be able to complete the practice faster. Usually, the loan amount arrives on the current account within 2 working days, but some banks may take up to a week. Ask for a quote before signing the loan agreement.

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