A loan for pensioners in 2018 at 12 percent per annum

Best Bank is a company that actively attracts retirees to service. The borrower’s age can reach 85 years. At the same time, the solvency confirmation is possible due to an extract from the Pension Fund. Cash loan for pensioners is issued at 12 percent in Best Bank. This is one of the most profitable offers on the credit market in Russia in 2018 for this category of citizens. Consider the available programs and analyze how profitable to lend in this bank.

Retirement Loan Review

Retirement Loan Review

Credit programs for pensioners are presented in the form of three projects:

  1. “Pension plus”.
  2. Loan at 12%.
  3. Express Plus.

They differ in the amount of credit, the package of necessary documents and interest rates. For the services “Pension plus” and “Express plus” a special condition has been developed, which is called the “Minimum rate guarantee”.

Thanks to this program, following the results of loan repayment, the bank is ready to recalculate contracts at 11.9%, and return the difference to the borrower. But a fee of 6.9% of the size of the initial payment.

There is a similar condition for recalculating a loan at 14.9%, but with a commission already 3.9% of the first installment. To fulfill the conditions for this promotion, it is necessary to make all payments without delinquency, while not making full or partial cancellation.

Payment is made upon completion of lending. The service can be used only on loans issued for at least a year. A prerequisite is to connect insurance “Financial Protection”. And you must also provide an income statement at registration. Let us consider in more detail the programs for which you can get a loan in Best Bank retired.

“Pension plus”

Any pensioner is served out of turn in the bank, if, accordingly, there is no queue of the pensioners themselves who want to get a favorable loan. Lending to the banking organization is ready for both employed and non-working elderly.

The borrower’s age can reach 85 years, taking into account the period of the proposed closing of the transaction. The remaining conditions are as follows:

  • experience at the current or last place for at least 4 months;
  • the borrower must live no later than 70 km from the bank branch;
  • stationary home telephone and telephone of a personnel department or accounting department for working borrowers.

The tariff schedule for the contract is as follows:

Loan terms 1-3 years
Amount of financing in rubles 40 000–300 000
Interest rate for target use 16.4%
Interest rate for misuse 26.4%

By purpose of a loan, it is meant that when signing documents, the borrower must indicate the purpose of the loan, such as the purchase of building materials. The lender may request checks for payment. And if more than 20% of the financing amount will be used for other purposes, then the bank raises the rate according to the tariff schedule.

“Loan at 12%”

This offer has a clearly limited period and amount of lending. The contract can be issued exclusively for a year and in the amount of 100,000 rubles. At the same time, the tariff plan also depends on the targeted flow of funds.

When using 20% ​​off-target, the rate will be 17% per annum, while with target use – only 12%. Redemption of contracts without a fee can be made through bank branches, ATMs and a personal account.

Express Plus

For registration of “express” need only a passport. And the application itself can be formed through the website of the banking company. Of course, without checking solvency the transaction will be at a high percentage. This product has the following rate:

Loan terms Half a year and a half
Amount of financing in rubles 5,000–40,000
Interest rate for target use 21.5%
Interest rate for misuse 31.5%

Conditions for obtaining a loan

Credit for pensioners in Best Bank is available to people under the age of 85 years. A banking organization does not make formal employment requirements in the event that a pension is accrued.

The decision on lending is made on the basis of the credit history and solvency of the borrower. Funds can be obtained both at the office of a banking company, and on a debit card, which experts will help you arrange.

The application is formed through the website or in the office. In case of a positive decision, it is required to contact the department with a package of documents to sign the contract and payment schedule. An additional agreement may be the action “Guaranteed minimum rate.” But the action is not completely guaranteed, as it will be valid if, at the end of the loan, the borrower did not allow overdue debts and did not repay the loan ahead of schedule.

Requirements for borrowers

Requirements for borrowers

The borrower must be a citizen of the Russian Federation. You can start lending from 20 years. And for pensioners, a loan is available up to 85 years by the time the contract is completed. Also in the requirements of Best Bank is the availability of employment for at least 4 months.

But pensioners, this item is not required. You will need to have a registration in the Russian Federation, as well as a personal phone number.

List of documents

List of documents

The main document is a passport. Pensioners must additionally submit a certificate from the Pension Fund. If you have a pension certificate, such a certificate is optional, but it is considered as a document characterizing solvency and influences the bank’s decision on the possibility of lending.

Additional documents may be:

  • international passport;
  • military ID;
  • registration certificate;
  • TIN;
  • SNILS.

As documentation that can confirm income, the bank expects:

  • Help 2-NDFL;
  • a certificate in the form of a banking company or employer;
  • For individual entrepreneurs, 2-NDFL certificate, as well as an account statement or a declaration of the simplified taxation system will be suitable.

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